About this Blog

Before anything else, i would like to introduce myself…..

I’m…a student…not a typical student you can imagine because I truly, madly, deeply fascinated to something enigmatic, weird, out-of -this universe, problematic, charismatic, ecstatic, ….uhhmm…simply unusual.. things not usually searched in any search engine…i mean rare things, knowledge, topics, anything you want to call it.

In this blog, I share all my weird interests, hobbies, and etc. anything that makes my mind boggling. The topics I typically share are not the usual things that an ordinary citizen of this ever changing world knows. So anything I share in this blog are well- searched in my ever dependable sources such as my favorite high-tech underwater library, my collection of weird books (old books probably), for sure, the T.V. (educational channel and programs), and absolutely the “ever available and reliable” internet (i hate getting pieces of information in the net..well some of my posts just copied from wiki…and i really hate myself…i promise it will never happen again..).

I’ve said too much and I hope you’ll like it. Feel free to communicate with me if you have any suggestions, recommendations, violent reactions, etc.

My twitter account: http://twitter.com/#!/DonyaDemonya


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