Anything about Paper Plates

The Legend of Paper Plates

They trace their ancestry

back to the forest.

There all the family stood,

proud, bushy, and strong.

Until hard times,

when from fire and drought,

the patriarchs crashed.

The land was taken for taxes,

the young people cut down

and sold to the mills.

Their manhood and womanhood

was crushed, bleached

with bitter acids,

their fibres dispersed

as sawdust

among ten million offspring.

You see them at any picnic,

at ball games, at home,

and at state occasions.

They are thin and pliable

porous and identical.

They are made to be thrown away.

John Haines

Another paper plate thing…an infomercial all about paper plates..huh..sounds cool.. 😉

Paper Plate: An Infomercial

Another one…I really love paper plates…paper plates all around..paper plates everywhere..yeehaw!!!  🙂 🙂

Joey Jihad: Paper Plates

–yeah..joey jihad’s paper plates is somewhat “great”, somewhat “fantastic”, somewhat “one-of-a-kind”,  “wow”, “nice”, and everything spice…really lurve it supercalifragilesticexpialidocious…haha..enjoy!!! 🙂

Words to Ponder:

“Having a paper plate in our lives, makes our day clean and bright.”


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